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Originally Posted by B_Bimmer View Post
50cc, two adults, thirty miles per hour... Something's not adding up for me.
WEll.. on level road... that should be possible.. uphill.. I doubt it

it's for all I read a Piaggio 50cc (vespa LX50 or something)
4valve 4 stroke..

those engines propell 300kg to 50km/h all day (~4hp, ~4Nm)
struggling uphill slightly.. but otherwise.. all day
In european terms, that's the scooter plus two adults...

and then there's the Ape (not monkey ape.. 'A-pe' means bee in italian.. nevermind)
a three wheeler small truck with 50cc and even less power carrying 250kg of goods with speeds up to 45km/h

I don't see why the scoot coupe shouldn't be able to do the same

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