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Originally Posted by Mr. Spindle:D View Post
...My predator kicked back real hard this morning...
Here's an arcane question: Do you really know how to start a single cylinder, recoil-start engine (or specifically a Predator 212cc)?

Just turn on the fuel, turn on the choke and pull the cord vigorously until it starts, right?

Wrong. A few caveats first:

☞ The engine could possibly have a bent or sheared flywheel key. This typically causes kickback, enough to hurt your wrist significantly.

☞ The recoil assembly could be defective, engaging too soon or not releasing properly, yanking the cord out of your hand while you're still grasping it firmly (ouch!).

Anyway, the common wisdom is to pull the starter cord slowly until you feel resistance (the compression stroke), pause there then wind up and give it a sharp pull, pulling it through one and more complete firing sequences.

Kickback is caused by spark, gas ignition, and burning well before top-dead-center (BTDC) piston position. If it were after TDC (ATDC), the engine would start, idle or run normally.

More to come...
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