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Originally Posted by BirdFanatic View Post
Li-on lithium ion -lithium polymer I'm using Lion not lithium polymer .
Sad...I kinda expected that Bird...

LiPo ARE Li-ion batteries just as LiCoO LiTiO or LiFePo...

You know what I said about lack of knowledge...
You know you just proven that?
Do you even KNOW what a Polymer is?

If you read Li ion on the battery.. it could still be a LiPo cell .. but it doesn't matter since the danger remains the exact same,
no matter what kind of electrolyte is being used..
in fact a polymerised electrolyte is actually a tiny bit safer.

Anyways, read at least about cell matching and why the manufactures do that
(short story: the weakest cell in a block will overheat when being charged.)

And maybe why modern day laptop batteries contain nearly as many chips as the laptop they're powering

But, again.. please proceed..
just please don't hurt yourself in the process (or while using that frankenstein battery afterwards)

that's all I'm asking.

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