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Well Bird.....

you cannot just put it in a sealed metal container.. that's as effective as closing your eyes.
LiPos bring their OWN oxygen, that's the main reason std fire estinguishers fail.
They also burn hot enough to burn through many metals.. a teapot is certainly not sufficient, I doubt an ammo box is.

math isn't exactly working out again either...
but you know, just go for it..
just do it outside ten feet from anything that could catch fire.

I've seen a much braver man than you are just recently welding a tap onto a single LiPo cell...
with his home made tack welder.. an odd setting and the sleeve catched fire.
And you could hear in his voice he's scared getting hectic and all..
because he KNOWS.

Sorry Bird, you do not!
what you might think is bravery or sufficient precaution is in fact just lack of knowledge;
a teapot.. really?

Jokes about german sausage are the wurst.