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I enjoy the Mod engines, but I do wish they were reliable. Every 4.6L had a faulty intake manifold that would leak at some point or another. Only time we had issues with a 2 valve 5.4 spitting plugs, was when my dad had some replaced and the tech didn't get the number 8 all the way in and it backed out. Never had issues with the 2 piece plugs on my dad's current 3 valve 5.4.

They are great when they work, but when the break, you start to question the engineering department and ask why they would ever okay that. We have a "updated" 4.0 SOHC in our 2010 Mountaineer, bit of a dog, but gets the job done. Gas mileage is similar to the 4.6L, even though it has 3.55 LS rear end and our 4.6L had 3.73 LS, go figure. Get 18/19mpg in the winter doing 75mph on I-80. Bet if I dropped it to 65 and it was 70 outside, I could probably see 20/21 highway.
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