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Originally Posted by Bmr4Karts View Post
Up the voltage to about 52v and the brushless motor has enough power to propel just over 300lbs to 30mph with proper gearing. 54v would also work using four 12v batteries and one 6 volt in series.

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Here's 26mph with on 48v and a 210lb rider. 30 is obtainable at 48v with a lighter rider and gearing change. 30 may even be obtainable with the heavier rider.
The (4) 12V 12AH SLA's on ElMini are ~54V when fully charged
…& 21MPH is the top speed, that I "documented", using a GPS

Adding an 'oddball cell" to a battery pack (a 6V to a set of 12V's)
...just makes for an unbalanced/hard to charge pack

IMO OK to play/experiment with
…but, not a good/long term plan/design

I'm kinda skeptical about that guys claims
...he didn't show it in action (at any speed)
…&/or what "instrument" he used to "test" the speed? (says he used a GPS)
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