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Originally Posted by Functional Artist View Post
How do you figure that?

A while back I tested a 1,000W brushed motor & also a 1,800W brushless motor on e-Lemon-aid
…& I didn't really notice that much of a difference in power

IMO no where near double or twice the power
…& 48V can/will only create so many RPM's

IIRC it's usually in the ~70 RPM's per volt range (brushed or brushless)
Up the voltage to about 52v and the brushless motor has enough power to propel just over 300lbs to 30mph with proper gearing. 54v would also work using four 12v batteries and one 6 volt in series.

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Here's 26mph with on 48v and a 210lb rider. 30 is obtainable at 48v with a lighter rider and gearing change. 30 may even be obtainable with the heavier rider.
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