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Briggs has had an EFI v-twin for a few years now (so does Yamaha, but theirs is a vertical shaft). I remember seeing it a year or two ago when looking for parts.

And I got the Warrior to start yesterday and did some putting around, and no surprise, the carb's still screwed up. It also only likes to start if the throttle's cracked a little bit. After letting it idle for a few minutes I hopped on and putted around for a few minutes to run the engine some, and work the trans a bit. And when I gave it some gas to get into second, the engine started hesitating again. So I pulled the plug, and it was black as could be. So something's up with the jetting. It runs fine on the low speed, but as soon as it hits the high speed it starts acting like the choke's on (something it doesn't have). Anyways, I threw my compression tester on it, and it made 150psi regular, and 160psi when I put some oil in the cylinder. The stock spec for this engine was 125psi. So, I'm stumped. A 25 yo bike that's been rode extremely hard (my dad and his friends were really competitive), and that has never had anything inside the engine replaced afaik, makes 25psi over stock. The only thing I can think of that explains this is if the dude who owned it before my dad put in a high compression piston (wiseco makes one for the Warrior, Big Bear, and raptor 350, that takes it from 9.2:1 to 10.25:1). My dad bought it in 97 I think, and he always said it ran a bit better than the Warrior his buddy had.
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