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Default '64 Supercharged Studebaker Avanti

Title says is all, there's a 1964 supercharged Studebaker Avanti on the local CL. Asking $22.5K.

Avantis have always been an oddball car to me, but this is just a really interesting car. Turquoise blue inside and out, 289 Ci, original Paxton supercharged engine with a 4 speed manual and power windows.
That's pretty impressive for 1964!
Sure there's a chance it's a fake, but there are MUCH more desirable cars to fake, and the wear looks pretty genuine.

Here's what the seller says:
"This is one of 94 Studebaker Avanti equipped with 289ci Jet Thrust R2 supercharged engine, 4 speed manual transmission, and turquoise paint produced.
Completely rebuilt engine and original Paxton Supercharger, nice interior, power windows, newly rebuilt brake system, new tires, original and correct, needs cosmetic restoration. Clean Title.
Asking $22,500"

Plus lots of eyecandy....
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