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Originally Posted by ed1380 View Post
seeings as i go euro for cars. I'd have to go GM for the trucks. i agree gm cars suck
I don't know about that. I have a 1993 Olds Delta 88 (generic FWD big car) and it's dead nuts reliable - oil changes and brakes. Ugly, somewhat not comfortable, but enough pep to drive in NJ safely and considering it was free, it's a great car.

I even showed it some love last fall.



Being an "old guy", I've owned and driven many cars from many different manufacturers. They all suck for different reasons, yet they're all great for other reasons. It really depends what is important to you, how you rank features, benefits and costs, and most importantly - how well you take care of it (or how well the previous owners did if it's a used car).

For some, styling is everything. It's important to look "cool". For others, like myself, functionality and durability is the most important thing. Neither is wrong, neither is right, as we all have our own criteria.

Obviously someone wanting to haul 3500lbs or rocks off their property is going to appreciate a Chevy truck moreso than a Honda accord. Someone who wants to be "green" will buy a hybrid or a diesel Jette (50mpg!) instead of aforementioned Chevy truck.

To each their own. What bugs me more than anything about a car is the lack of servicability - for example, if I need to replace a ball joint on my old truck I simply press one out and install a new one. To replace a ball joint on my Crown Victoria, I have to replace the whole a-arm. I understand the need to make "assembles" so dealers can get a car back on the road very quickly, but I don't like having to replace perfectly good parts just to replace one little bad part in the assembly.

Anwyay, I keep vehicles longer than girlfriends/wives. Maybe I should apply my "reliability/durability" criteria to women

The absolute BEST car I have ever owned was a 90 BMW 735L - power everything, comfortable as you can imagine, it cornered very well (even though it's a big car), had pleeeeenty of power from a smooth V12, and the paint was gorgeous - I could shave in the reflection of myself on the body or glass. The mileage was terrible and there were no cupholders - I didn't care.

The only reason why I sold it is I had an opportunity to buy my first house, and I wanted the house more than the fancy show-off car.