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Originally Posted by NJOHC View Post
Sideways and modelengineer,
Just curious as to why you wouldnt buy one. Im not trying to start anything I was just wondering your reasoning. Ford was rated #1 in quality above Honda and Toyota this year. I dont see why an american car is so shameful to have.
In Australia, the only Fords that are any good or worth buying are the Falcon and the Focus, the new falcons are gona be 4 cylinder and front wheel drive and thus, they will be **** to drive. Qualitys pretty bad on them too. I live in a country area so the Focus is out for me, I need good suspension and a car that will last, I also wouldn't be seen dead in one lol. GM is Holden in Australia, the only one worth buying is the Commodore but they haven't updated it for way to long and thier to bland for my liking, most of the Australian population own a Commodore. Qualitys not the best on them either, at least they always will be rear wheel drive and have at least 6 cylinders. All other Holdens are just rebadged daewoos. Chrysler just sell ****boxs that no one wants, they have a crap dealer network too. If you own a huge car (ie Hummer, f350) then you just get laughed at, thier not particularly useful either, a normal ute and a trailer can carry more at a fraction of the cost. The only places where things like f250 make sense is at the mines. Also, in Australia, American cars have a horrible reputation for crap build quality and reliability, no thanks to Chrysler and American cars of the 80s/early 90s. That is one of the reasons why Ford is desperaly trying to be seen as a European company. Holden will always be seen as Australian so they don't have that problem.

Originally Posted by Russ2251 View Post
Just curious...why not the Edsel?
Just don't like the styling of them, I like early to mid 50s styling, the Edsel is more early 60s style. They just don't look right to me I guess? Are you a fan of the Edsel Russ?