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Originally Posted by itsid View Post
I don't like miniscule sprockets
(10T is the minimum in my book.. less and you must run into lifetime issues rather quickly)
especially when it comes to bigger loads (high weight and/or high power engine)

an 8T sprocket wears 20% faster than a 10T sprocket.. thus wears out the chain earlier and in turn the driven sprocket...

You need 9.7:1 (9.68 I think it was),
I'd pick 10->22 and 10->44 for the sprockets (4.4 *2.2 = 9.68)
Oh right sorry... no additional jackshaft
well then 10->97 I'm afraid
or 8->78 (still not a fan of the 8T sprocket!)

So if I get a front sprocket that has 10 teeth how many does the back one need to have for me to get as much pull I can out of it
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