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Originally Posted by itsid View Post
yeah that's looking good.. well a ziptie would've helped, huh *giggle*

Anyways a solid 320 one and 340 the other way makes an average high of 330 for me.
(you did run up and down the same street twice, correct?
that was quite difficult to tell for sure with that viewing angle
but yeah I'd call that an 1780 rpm average
(unless someone would wanted to do a time rpm diagram and calcualte the seconds/half second baseline and std deviation of course )

Now the interesting bit..
the dash recording..
I still assume it's been the same road again being traveleld up and down..
so you can clearly tell it's indeed a slight incline (too lazy to calculate how big that'd be)
"up"hill W320 rpm ~980 Watts "down"hill 340 Wrpm ~ 700Watts on average and about two amps less drawn.

Smart limiting is a pain ain't it..
great for driving, but unfortunately when additional power can be used to accelerate
(1400++ watts at takeoff If I've seen that correctly 20+ amps) and the limiter only kicks in when you're already at speed ....

So what I think is happening (you'd need to check the programming) the controlelr limits to
about 15Amps as soon as motor rpm exceeds 1800 rpm (maybe 1750?)
and likely uses some exponential curve below..

nice details to play around with!
motor sounds very happy even with the 'lowspeed' setting.
and it clearly shows how little power (less than a kW mostly)
can pack alot of fun

thanks for sharing.


Yup, same (2) block stretch, back & forth several times
…& correct, one direction goes slightly up hill

Boma 60V 2,000W low gear avg. RPM = 1,780

"Smart Limiting"?
…@ full speed/throttle, on the down hill section, I could feel the motor cut-out for a few seconds
(happened more than once)

Yup, lots of fun

Next up was the med gear RPM tests (even more fun)

The average highest RPM seemed to be ~600
…& the highest I saw was 639 RPM's

Avg. 600 x 5.4 = 3,240 RPM's
Max. 638 x 5.4 = 3,450 RPM's

* Love the explanation/information on the dash data
...more would be GREAT!

Here is the med gear test & dash data video