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Default YZ125 project

picked this up today. has a siesed bottom end.

here is how i think it went..

it had carb problems, the main jet was partly clogged and it was running lean (hot) OR they ran straight gas

this wore out the rod bearings and killed the top end

the last owner bought it, cleaned the carb, and rebuilt the top end

it ran for a while, then the rod bearings got so worn out that it started rubbing on the crank. metal shavings went up into the cylinder and left a ton of pitting on the piston&head

the bottom end finally got so worn out that the rod got completely stuck against the crank

and here we are now

cylinder doesnt look too bad

my friend has tools to take the clutch off and flywheel and stuff. i just need to save up for a top and bottom end rebuild now