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Originally Posted by frostyflammable View Post
that is a 1:6.25 ratio with 19" original tires. .. right now has no problem getting to 40mph.
Originally Posted by JTSpeedDemon View Post
Yup, 6.25/1 ratio.
Top speed on the DIYGK calculator is 33 mph, so I don't know how you're getting 40!
funny.. at 3600 it's actually 36.2 mph (ten percent overdrive )
but chances are the CT200 has it'S governor set to 4k rpm
that would mean 40.some mph
(and governor somewhere in between would be somewhere in between those speeds of course )

belt wear sound excessive even for a chinesium belt IMHO..
let's see how well the Comet one does.

Ideal gear ratio for a total weight up to 420 lbs
would be ~6.7:1 (i.e. a 53 or 54 wheel sprocket [6.63:1 or 6.75:1 ratio])

I think you can get away with 6.5:1 [green lights for 405 lbs or less]
especially if your plan is to lower the moved masses

that means just two more teeth on the rear will do nicely.
(52 wheel sprocket with 8T TC sprocket)

your current ratio is sound for 375 lbs or less
and you wouldn't need to change anything at all.

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