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Hey Lee, that's not really bad wear on your piston. Do the scratches catch your fingernail, at least?

I'd want to see the cylinder walls to compare. If there's remaining factory cross-hatching visible on the cylinder walls, that's a good sign. You may be able to get by with a cylinder hone and refurbishment of the rotating parts.

How's the crank journal look (where the connecting rod rides)? Any signs of galling, scoring or oil starvation? What about where it rides in the case; pto and flywheel side bearings? Check for scoring there as well. Check the camshaft as well.

Also, some 'sludge' in the bottom of the crank case is kinda what you want to see. That's where it usually stays and doesn't circulate and is also hard to drain out, apparently. I had some too--a relatively thin layer. But change your oil early and often!
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