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Originally Posted by LeeMajors View Post
Awesome brother! You're the man! Thank you. And you're correct!... upon further review that 11hp is a vertical shaft. Thx for pointing that out to me. So today I spent a good bit of time at the local "U-Pull-It" in their small engine section, and let me tell you, what a disappointment! They basically just have everything thrown on top of everything else! There was literally NO WAY to walk through it!? It was ridiculous! More like a scrap yard then a U-pull-it. And on top of that I really didn't know exactly what I was looking for, or not looking for, for that matter..? So it wound up being a big waste of time. I was hoping to find an axle really or maybe some wheels? Idk? But I didn't see anything I could use. All the lawn tractor axles were setup for use with vert shaft engines or had diff's? Nothing like what we use on go-karts. So I guess I'll just have to order one? Do you have any recommendations for where to buy and/or what size, keyway style, etc...? Hollow or solid? Idk the 1st thing about this stuff bro and I feel a little "in over my head" on this part. Like, what hubs, and bearing's and is there a universal type of mounting bracket that I can weld to the frame , etc..etc...etc...? Do I need threaded ends or plain ones? There's sooo many options!!!!?

Gimme that white flag! Whew, that was a crazed, hysterical block of text. Try making them into little paragraphs, especially if you change the subject.

I'm not even sure at this point where your project is going. Scratchbuilt frame?

Most go kart parts are universal stuff. You can get standardized axle bearing hangers to suspend your rear axle from.

Hollow axles are big bucks. I'd go solid, threaded on both ends with the appropriate keyway for a sprocket. Go to BMI or GoPowerSports and look around. Being a member here gets you a 10% discount at GPS. Code: DIYGOKARTS
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