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Originally Posted by LeeMajors View Post
Hellion, I have another question for you too... Are the older Briggs flathead 8hp and 11hp I/C as good as this 5hp is? Or are they not worth messing with due to difficulty finding aftermarket parts? The reason I ask is because I can get an 8hp (not running) for $10 and/or an 11hp I/C (also not running) for $25-$30 right now and add a few more projects to my stable, if they worth fooling around with..?
They're basically not worth it. They don't have the following and popularity of the 5 hp flatties and therefore don't have nearly as much aftermarket hop up parts. I haven't really looked all that much to be honest but they don't come up often in generic searches such as "Briggs performance" and the like.

If you think you could fix these engines and then flip 'em (you'd be surprised the prices Briggs's will fetch on fleabay), that might be your bag. Depends on what's wrong with them.

I don't recall ever seeing an 11 hp horizontal engine...

Originally Posted by LeeMajors View Post
Does anyone know where I can purchase a Chromed Piston replacement for the Raptor III?
Supposedly Burris makes both types of pistons; chromed and plain aluminum.
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