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Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
When Poboy and the others mentioned the easy checks for seeing if you have a decent engine (starter or carb fluid sprayed in the carb or in spark plug hole), did you think to notice whether it had decent compression when you pulled the starter rope?

Mine didn't. It pulled too easily (and wanted to keep 'coasting' as there was almost nil compression to stop the flywheel) but I didn't really care.

I think you can hone these and go through several oversizes before the block is toast. Let me get back to you on some references.
I'd already bought it and started pulling it apart by then. And I did yank the starter cord a few times and it actually had pretty good compression? I mean it definitely didn't try to keep spinning. You can see the scuffs and scratches in the pics and I think they look a little worse then they are? All of them are smooth to the touch except 1. But of course it's that 1 that concerns me.

Also while researching new rings and pistons etc... I found an article, or two, which were talking about wrist pin boss failures on the older Briggs pistons above 3600rpm. Apparently Briggs contracted Federal Mogul to redesign the pistons and these are what you'll find in the Raptor III's. So I figured since I'll probably need to replace the piston I might as well get the "Good" one, right?... Well I can't find these darn things to save my LIFE!? The only place that had anything close so far was ARC and they only have the "Non-Chromed" version which doesn't work with the Aluminum cylinders. Does anyone know where I can purchase a Chromed Piston replacement for the Raptor III?

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Hellion, I have another question for you too... Are the older Briggs flathead 8hp and 11hp I/C as good as this 5hp is? Or are they not worth messing with due to difficulty finding aftermarket parts? The reason I ask is because I can get an 8hp (not running) for $10 and/or an 11hp I/C (also not running) for $25-$30 right now and add a few more projects to my stable, if they worth fooling around with..?