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Originally Posted by j.concepcion54321 View Post
i rebuilt the MC yesterday and nothing.. I tried blocking of both of the lines out and it still pumped even though nothing came out. and then i removed them and pumped to see if brake fluid would just spew out like its supposed to and nothing. just a little sputter of air and no brake fluid at all. don even get me started with trying to bleed the brakes

if someone could tell me what i am doing wrong id very much appreciate it. do i need to get a new master cylinder? i hope not
So... even with the brake line removed from your master cylinder, you cant get any fluid out at all, even using my power-bleeding method?

If so, you've made some kinda mistake rebuilding/assembling, or you've got a port in your m/c that's still plugged up with sludge/debris.

You can fix this, dont give up dude
Even if you decide to re-sell this kart, it'll be worth more with functioning brakes. (plus you'll learn from the experience)