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Look at the bottom of this page:\

First, I thought band and scrub brakes were the most common. Second, I don't think many gokarts came stock with differentials. Third, comet torque converters usually only increase speed by a few miles per hour, though they do increase torque. And don't most race karts use a racing centrifugal clutch? Fourth, larger clutch sprockets do increase speed, but at some point you'll just be burning the clutch. Fifth ish, do I even need to talk about welding on sprockets, sheesh. Is it just me, or does it seem like this guy knows very little about mechanics.
Yeah, definitely written by some guy who doesn't know the basic things about true karts.
Probably huddled in some hut somewhere in China, using dial up internet, spurting out what his distant cousin's friend's friend said.
And yeah, race karts use centrifugal clutches, since once they're locked up, almost 100% of the horsepower is getting to the wheels. Torque converters rob about a quarter of that power.
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