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Default Greetings all! A lost momma here

Hey!! I am hoping this site will be a life saver for me. I recently bought an old go kart frame for my sonís bday. The plan is to build it with him so he can learn about this type of stuff. Problem is... I have NO idea what I am doing 😂😂😂 I will need ALL the help I can get. I am intimidated with the brake system, engine stuff, clutch stuff, etc. basically the whole thing 😂 We put on the steering wheel and tires 👍😂

Anyway, get ready to hear from me quite a bit!! Feel free to be my virtual super heroes!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone thru this journey!

In case anyone is wondering, I have an old Manco Dingo frame... took me a bit to figure that out! 😂