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Honestly I don't think it would be very fun. It is one of those too much of one thing can be worse than less of it. I think this fits the category very nicely.

6.5HP Centrifugal clutch kart with paddle brakes, one wheel peel basic kart. Fun, no problems with it. Could go and stop a bit faster, but fun to drive. (maybe a V6 sedan?)
6.5HP kart with T/C and disc brakes, live axle. Whips you around, brakes are snappy. Loads of fun, and never feels like you are going to die. Good ol' fashioned fun.(Miata)
22HP V-twin kart. Wow this thing accelerates. It goes wicked fast and it is a lot of fun to drive. Just going down straight aways never felt so good. (Corvette)
That thing, well what do I do with it? It goes way too fast, it isn't street legal and all my normal riding areas are too small. So now you need a racing track to use it. They say you cant use it because the frame stability is unknown and riding on grass or regular asphalt is painful from no suspension and little tire give. (Stock car or Racing Ferrari)
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