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Originally Posted by Texan View Post
Those are cool looking.

Got any plans for the blue gas tank, kinda sticks out like a sore thumb?

I don't know, but 60mph on that machine sounds kinda scary
60-65 MPH is the theoretical top speed on the street that I am shooting for. I live in a small rural town and I'd like to use it as an in-town runabout/cruiser so it will likely not see over 45-50 most of the time. I just don't want to run WOT all the time with no governor.

It is also bigger than it looks in the pics. It is a little less than 7' long from front to back and the rear wheels are about 4' wide. It rides and handles a lot like a full size motorcycle trike.

Absolutely I have plans for painting the whole thing! I am currently also working on a 1973 Ford Ranchero resto-mod on the weekends and this thing will fit perfectly in the bed of it. The current plan is to paint the trike to match the truck when I get it done. I thought the weird car/truck and trike combo would be pretty cool color matched.

This winter, the trike will be getting completely torn down so I can get the frame, fork, and bars sand blasted and powder coated where I work. There are a couple of small (half-dollar sized) chunks missing from around the edges of the fiberglass. I will fill those in with bondoglass and some mat to reinforce it and then repaint the entire body.

If I can get the gas tank and engine shroud powder coated to match, I will do that, otherwise they will get painted. The stock exhaust and air box are going to go away because the roll bar won't fit with them on there.
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