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twist throttles are plenty...
you can find one on nearly every single motorbike.

And frankly all work the same,
if you have too much slack there are likely two main reasons:
1) throttle cable too long and/or has too much slack itself (maybe even play in cable vs wire)
easy to fix and the first thing you should take care of
the shortest viable throttle cable is the correct length

2) sticky throttle (happens to many motorcyclists one day or another).
remove the twist throttle clean handle bar and inside of plastic tube really well,
apply some light grease or dry lube.. reinstall..

If none of the above works for you
you might need to refit a new internal reset spring.
some use a simple tensioning spring wrapped around the handle, it wears over time
some have a more sophisticcated torsion spring which is harder to replace
(since finding a matching one is more difficult)

And if that still doesn't make you happy,
just buy a new one.
I'd refrain from buying a cheap chinese one..
but finding one from a major mfg of mopeds
(Honda, Piaggio or alike)
Moped twist throttles are usually nothing but the throttle
(no light switches, no starter button no mirror arm thread)
and they work well.
I mean sure you might get lucky with a chinese one.. but that's what you have now as well.. soooo *shrugs*

If you're unhappy with the amount of travel of the throttle itself,
then you might want to consider
a) shortening the lever ont he throttleplate of the engine
b) use a quick twist throttle (the internal reduction reduces the travel)


PS frankly: throttle cable is most likely too long..
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