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Default Hello from GA

Hello all,

Name is John, and I am a HS Spanish teacher. I race karts as a hobby, mostly arrive and drive endurance races, with a little 206 mixed in.

Been lurking here for a couple years but decided it was time to post as I will be teaching a class next January on how to design and build a go kart. The class will be three weeks long, probably have 15-20 high school students with little to no fabrication skills and absolutely zero engineering experience.

The teachers will be me, a chemistry teacher, and a physics teacher (whom I've never met). I am the only one with welding experience, and I am VERY novice. Basically I can get the machine running, but I have never welded anything structural.

I know I will have lots of questions, and I hope I can find the answers here. I am not new to online forums, so I will do my best to get the basics with the search function. Otherwise, I hope you guys will be willing to help!