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That is pretty cool. Though my edger's got that beat by a year (it's an 84). Difference is yours runs (mine needs a coil, an air filter, and possibly a carb.

But me and my parents finally struck a deal on that pickup. I pay them the $600 it cost to get a registration, battery and checkup, and they get me that truck here for Christmas. I am mandating that the truck be brought here on a full trailer (one that the whole truck sits on), instead of one of those things that just holds the front wheels. That's because the truck has 800k+ miles on it, and it's been sitting for about 10 years now (on the same tires it had when it was parked). So I'm going to put a used set of tires I have out in the garage on it, and use it out in the woods. My great uncle let the registration go when he parked it, so it'll cost more than the trucks worth to get it street legal again. Eventually I'll figure out what I'll put the engine in, I'll list the candidates below. But it has a 146 or 148 horse power, 1978 351 Windsor out of a Mercury Cougar (a total boat), that's fed by an autolite 2100 2 barrel, through asthmatic heads into a restrictive exhaust system. Anyway the engine is the only thing that's good (the axle has 800k on it, the trans is an AOD which is at least the runner up for the worst trans ever, and the truck was used for hauling shrimp). So when I get something to put the engine in, I'll pull the engine, then part out whats left, and when the usable parts are gone, I'll have the rest crushed. I'll keep the electronics likt the turn signal and lighting parts for an upcoming build.

As promised here are the candidates:
A 4x4 ranger or bronco,
A mustang (a bit obvious)
A crown vic sleeper (completely gutted)
Or a 65 Falcon (been done before, and pricey)
I'm leaning toward a 600hp crown vic or mustang.

I'll start up a thread in the more builds section when I get it with some pics.
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