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Originally Posted by toystory_4wd View Post
Gotcha on all that, but this system differs somewhat. The DC circuit is achieved through a single diode, not a 4 diode bridge rectifier.

My biggest hurdle I figuring this stuff out, is understanding the source. I don't know whether its two different coil windings, whether they're in phase or out, and what would be the ramifications of tying them together with a bridge. In addition, that leaves me with an external ground from the bridge that I assume I would tie to the chassis. Making things more confusing is that I think one side of the alternator output is internally grounded...
Times like this, I wish we were next door neighbors. I don't have all the fancy lab equipment from college, but I've got a hunch we could start to sort it out with the stash of multimeters I have here at home.....

Have you ever thought of relocating to the West Michigan area??????

Thought I'd ask..... Pat