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have you ever heard of using a shielding gas with flux-core? we have weld procedures that requires us to use a shielding gas! One plus to flux-core is less prep work, grinding unless it's on a painted surface of coarse! Many ppl don't realize that changing the gas without touching the setting, can make a major change on how the welds turn out! If you wont more penatration use 90% Argon 10%Co2 @ 35cfh works well on thinner metal also for filling in gaps! for a hotter weld normally used gas is 75% Argon 25% Co2 @ 35cfh! welding Stainless 98% Argon 2% oxy! If your good and have been welding for awhile you can see the diffrence! and hear the diffrence! 90/10 produces less spatter then 75/25! what are your settings when you use flux-core? what type of welder(amps)
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