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Default need help with a live axel setup

im brand new to all of this kart stuff but am very eager to learn so i am asking for some help here.

ive looked around on some sites and im having trouble finding what i need.

i got a kart for pretty cheap and i want to put a live axel on it. i need the axel a hub for the sprocket and want to put a disk brake on it too. im weigh 260 and i want this thing to be able to handle some of my bigger friends to so i want at least a 1" axel if not bigger. what im having trouble with is finding the axel with a keyway in it for the sprocket and brake hub, and how do ya fix the wheels to it? just with a nut? im going to be tearing down this frame soon so i can get some pics up if need be.

Oh i measured what i have now and ita about 35" from out side to outside of the wheels now.

some links of parts that would be best for this would be very helpful.