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Originally Posted by KartFab View Post
This short article will show you how to install a roller chain master link and orient the retaining clip correctly. This is for your standard go kart roller chain (non-o-ring).
  1. Line up the chain ends on the axle sprocket.
  2. Install the plate with pins so the grooves in the pin ends are facing outward
  3. Install the non-pin plate
  4. Using a screwdriver, put pressure on the retaining clip so it snaps into the pin grooves. The closed end of the retaining clip should lead and the open end should trail as the chain travels around the sprockets (see video).

This is part of my grand scheme to make a little website, and I figured I would share it wherever I can to help out those that may need to assemble a master link on roller chain.

Now all you have to do is make an easy video of taking the pins out of the chain without a chain breaker the old fashioned way with a vise,hammer and pic or small screw driver.
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