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Ok, there's one little step before we move on to the shoe; we need to put the centre mount in.

For some reason, I have no pics of this step, no idea why not so, I hope you can all figure it out.

First things first, test fit the small length of pipe onto the piece fo 5/8" round bar to ensure it fits snugly.

Once you've done that, take the base frame & enlarge the hole in the centre until it's big enough for the pipe to fit in

* You will most likely need to grind flat edges on opposite sides of the pipe to make it fit inside the 25mm SHS.

When you've done that, the top of the pipe should sit flush with the top of the frame. Use the round bar to square the pipe to the frame & tack the pipe in place. Do not weld the round bar!. Now remove the round bar & complete the weld. For added strength, drill holes in the bottom of the frame on the outside of the pipe & plug weld it in place.

Now you can finish welding everything on the base then grind/sand everything until you're happy with it. *It doesn't matter if most of the weld are left rough but the top & bottom are critical.
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