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Default Haxco differential question

Thanks for suggestions.

I guess there is not a lot of them out there so I am just hoping to keep the post up until I come accross a Haxco like the pic.

I purchased a peerless one that came from the factory that burnt down and closed in Pa. It was a new one made in the 80's.
The person selling them didn't think they were in the actual fire, but it does have signs of being in high heat. The grease had dripped out the axle hole so they must have gotten pretty hot and the grease melted and pressure pushed it out the axle hole. It was like in a small glob.
When I opened it up, the grease had become a small ball. The differential and axle don't seem to be hurt at all, but Im glad I opened it because it needed new grease.

This is not the same as the peerless you can buy brand new from a peerless dealer in the 100-001 series model #. These are actually smaller and the 1" axle actually tapers into the axle access hole down to 3/4 ". It also didn't have a keyway. These were made for the offroad I think or go carts with small mower engines.

I am going to see if I can cut keyways and make it work for me. I will let you know.

If anyone wants one of these a place called Larry's Svc Center in Richlandtown, Pa has them.

Just be sure to ask for all the specs and remember what I have said here about them. They are probably much higher quality than anything being made today for this application so I wouldn't hesistate to buy one as long as it will work for your ap.

I am still hoping I will find a Haxco even though I bought something else in the meantime.