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Originally Posted by vybrano View Post
Why does carburetor needs a vacuum? I swear to god there's no info about this on Google. My old carburetor has this port blocked (by JB weld glue). So I just go from manifold to petcock and it works without giving a vacuum to carburetor. But this new one has this port of course opened.... .
Most carburetors function from vacuum. It pulls fuel into the carb where it's mixed with air and turned into a vapor which ignites in the combustion chamber. Raw fuel doesn't burn, vapors do. I agree with you, I would move on to another project, this has been nothing but aggravation for you. Sometimes it's best to walk away. You deserve credit for trying, it's the only way to learn. White smoke is usually coolant burning, blue smoke is oil burning and black smoke is excessive fuel burning indicating a rich mixture. Sell your machine for parts and start over with something else. Go back to this manual and refer to Section 3-21.