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Forget about throttle cable, it was just broken and getting stuck, so I change it - nothing to do with this problem. In second video RPM are controlled by me (throttle). Purpose of second video is to show you CVT. Maybe you will tell me that the belt is not moving up/down in full range or it's slipping or you will see that something else is wrong with it. I don't know. To me CVT looks OK.


Back to my problem.

1. I will do spark plug test
2. I will try to check temperature of CDI by touching it, I don't have spare one of this type, none of my motorcycles even uses this CDI, so touch test is only option
3. I ordered CVT belt already anyway, so I will change it

Once it's done I'm back. No more posts till then. Keep head/cylinder gasket for later.


"Anywhoo first video sound more like a gunked up carb to me than anything else tbh.."

First video sounded to me like a mixture ratio being off. For this reason I checked carburetor air intake filter (getting wet and causing problems and then getting dry and everything being OK). But it turned out not to be a problem so I came here.