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can't check the video atm ..

but since you clearly said it's self-solving after a proper cool down period.
And you also say that in the low to mid rpms you have no issues
I can think of a few things ..
again I can't watch the video atm so I can't hear it running
but say the engine itself revs normally and there's just no power on the wheels
it'll be the belt (since it's the first thing to fail)
it has some slip, and if the variator or clutch sheaves aren't properly grabbing, the belt get's softer due to heat.
and slips more than it should.
if you pop the belt cover open you would see the belt has glossy sidewalls.
if it hasn't something other failed on the CVT (maybe rollers flattened out, mabye worn springs... maybe just oil or grease on the sheaves)

full CVT maintenance and a new [correctly sized] belt would solve the issue.

If the engine does not rev up to full speed at all,
chances are the CDI is overheating.
So next time that happens, immediately grab the CDI unit if it's hot to the touch,
get a new one and see if it makes a difference
Best thing do a five minute run, check the CDI temp to have something to compare to..
then run it until the issue arises and check CDI temp again.

And the last thing I could imagine is a failing head or cylinder gasket;
check if you see any dark spots around the cylinder seams that yould indicate a cracked gasket.
If you cannot see anthing, pop the head cover open and with the proper tool but without any force, try to "tighten" the head bolts;
if one is loose , DO NOT tighten it and call it a day!
instead remove all, check the internal threads and replace the gasket ..
reinstall with fresh bolts.

before anything else.. try a new spark plug!
once the engine looses power, remove the new spark plug (as quickly as possible) and take a picture of it's business end.
if your mix is far off, a wet plug could cause a severe power loss.
and evaporating all the fuel off a wet plug might take indeed several hours.

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