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chinese belts are often labeleld as 699... and that number is orignally for a totally different type ot CVT belt (yes CVT for gy6 engines too be precise)
seveal users bought cheap gy6 belts (because cheap and CVT)
several chinese companies put the 699 numbers on correct belts
(of mediocre to low quality unfortunately)
So if the belt carries a 699 number somewhere.. chances are it's the wrong size, shape or length,
OR just of a subpar quality.
That's the summary of the 699 story

if you have a Manco kart the 5959 belt is indeed the correct one,
if you however run a TavKit, it is the WRONG belt.

unfortunately not too many know that the TavKit belt (203589A) is actually a bit shorter than the 5959
and worse.. some put both numbers on the belt not knowing or caring about the slight difference.
So measure the outer circumference of the belt.. 5959 should be 27.4"
and the correct size is 27 1/32"

So yeah your belt's too long for your TavKit.

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