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- Acquire Foam
- Acquire T nuts
- Cut 3/8" 3 ply to size & shape
- Cut, drill & weld in corner mounting brackets
- Drill ply for T nuts to match brackets
- Screw together...

Now to lacquer the ply & cover...

I made battery clamps (as seen in pic #1) with the help of yet another new purchase, a 3 in 1 sheet metal shear, brake & roller...

Pedals made & mounted; just need to dress the welds & paint...

Speaking of pedals, I deliberated over which accelerator to use; I looked at the pedals available & didn't really like the way they looked or worked so, I went for a cable activated thumb throttle...

The thumb throttle is mounted to a pedestal & is pulled by a cable until it hits a stop (note the hole in the thumb pad); the beauty of this setup is I can control the speed of the karts simply by turning the thumb throttle towards the stop...

Apologies for the first two sideways pics, I forgot to edit before uploading but, you get the idea...
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