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Originally Posted by crazykart View Post
That thing was a monstrosity in the least. It was one full bike, then the back half of another bike, and about 3' of bars in between them spacing them. The side with the half bike got made into something like a side car, meaning I threw on a plastic racing seat lol.

It originally had a 50cc honda spree motor and such on it, but then that crapped out so I threw on a 6.5hp and clutch. Cops never messed with me about it, and I drove it almost everywhere around here lol.

That thing was a deathtrap though.
so you had a title as a 49cc moped, then did an engine swap? that makes more sense. I thought you had bicycles then slapped a HF engine in it (212cc's) and somehow got it in as a 49cc scooter. I'd need a donor bike then, huh?
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