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Finally have an update! Got the rear hubs in finally, somehow the package got shipped to Texas (Poboy, you trying to get my parts? Lol). They sent out all new stuff, and I got it the other day, hubs, keystock, crap ton of locking collars. I'm still waiting on a bunch more to get shipped in, hopefully soon. I'll take pics tomorrow. Got some of the frame parts cut, waiting on a good day to weld it all up, hopefully it'll be fully together next weekend, le sigh.

I have an idea that may allow me to forego buying new rims. Since I have a bunch of atv rims laying around, and the front hubs are atv (wrong pattern for the rims though) I'm thinking about having custom adapters made. Same guy that was going to laser cut the custom hubs for me said he could do it cheap if I design it.

Design is halfway done, simple enough, but I will want feedback (Fabroman, and Machinist@large I'm hoping you 2 could give me a heads up on if you think it'll work or not, I'll upload designs when finished)

Doing the custom adapters would also save me from having to redesign the front spindles, as the ones for the atv hubs are tapered, and if I were to get 4 on 4" go kart hubs then those wouldn't work. Would actually save me a ton of cash as well. $16 a rim + shipping+ whatever for the new front spindles vs $10 an adapter + small to medium flat rate box shipping for all.

I won't even post my idea as to thow the adapters would go yet, as it's extremely hard to follow without visuals and exact measurements. Just know that each adapter would essentially be 2 plates of a36 steel. 1 small plate and one larger. The larger will have 2 bolt patterns in it, and the smaller only 1. Sandwiched together, larger bolted to the hub, and lugs going from larger to smaller to rim...

It's hard to picture, let me get visuals up in the next day or 2. Full deisgns, measurements, and pictures of what I'm working with will help in the opinions on the viability.

Worse comes to worse I'm about 80% sure it'll work in the back without issue. The front is a different story, and if they will work they will have to be exact.

A36 should hold up fine, though I wish it was made of something more near tool steel...

Pics tomorrow, and hopefully finished deisgns!

I really don't know if it will be finished by deadline though. If not I may just shelf it all, and keep gathering parts until next year's build off, idk. I REALLY want to get it done now though. Family life just doesn't seem to be allowing it. Barely have an hour for myself on my days off (my "weekend")

We'll see I guess.
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