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Default 2018 - Manco Dingo suspension & a little extra

Sunday I picked up my other project and all my parts from my grandparents house. I thought that the rear wheels on the picked atv were different but it turns out I can use them. Unfortunately the wheel hubs are too small for me to even bore so I'll have to either switch rims(one on the kart is bent a little) or buy bigger hubs.

I also got the disc brake, I'll have to bore it and put a keyway in it.

Yesterday I finished 2 bushings and pressed them in. Today I made 8 extra bushings(9th is out of tolerance but might be able to use), found some bolts I can use on the swing arm, and scavenged some bolts for the ones that were missing on the shroud. I'm thinking about putting a grease plug(forgot it's name) on the joint if I have a tap and get to it.

After the end of this week I probably won't get to work on the kart for a while because I gotta finish up some papers and prepare for a competition the week of the 25th.

That reminds me, anyone near Louisville Kentucky?

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