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Well.. as with almost everything else that doesn't fit in a shoe box...
location location location
Frankly I have no clue what type of location greenville is for karts..
so yeah.

And yes, that pricetag is a bit out of what I'd pay myself.. but that can be talked down
into the realms of what it's actually worth
(unlike the one from post #1 which is far enough off that one wouldn't even bother to try )

with karts (plural) worth looking at and talking to the current owner about around
and a statement like
I want to find a deal myself
forgive me when the worst kart at the highest price is not the ideal link to post,
if you
do know how to do a search lol
except if you're
Originally Posted by Hellion
just doing a Craigslist Hall of Shame here
in which case the first quote is a bit misleading

either way... look harder and/or longer
(basically the spam mail of all searches for karts )

Jokes about german sausage are the wurst.