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Default My half of the MacGyvers Workshop & The ASAP Automotive Channel Kart throwdown build!

Hello everyone!
This is my part of a friendly Father/Son throwdown project that we will be filming for our respective YouTube channels. I've gotten a huge head start on my son by virtue of finding a donor bike first, and already having a kart that I can build on. It's not a true racing kart, but I feel I can make it work! We will be filming our builds, and posting episodes to our channels. There will be some friendly trash talking and rivalry LOL! We hope it will be entertaining as well as boost our channel viewership. I want to post the pictures here so I can get some "peer review" if you will, as well as maybe catching something I may have missed so here goes!
This is the kart that I built for my Youngest son Niall back in 2012. He got tired of it as the modern karts have suspensions and ride better on dirt. We have much dirt! and gravel. So it pretty much beat you to death while riding it.
I found a wrecked bike on Craigslist not far from me for $250, I went and checked it out, bought it and had him load it up!
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