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Originally Posted by landuse View Post
You stated that you have a 10T going to a 31T. How is that 7.5:1 and not 3.1:1?? And how is that not like starting in 3rd gear?

It is no use fighting us. We are only trying to help you.

Peace out....
I'm not fighting anybody, just asking for justification and clarification. Anyone can make a claim, but backing up that claim takes intellect. I'm keeping things civil yet challenging everyone to prove me wrong.

You keep saying I have a gear ratio (3.1:1) that's like starting out in 3rd gear but I have a valid point that nobody can seem to contest. I'm not starting out in that gear ratio, I'm starting out in a 7.5:1 ratio. Can you explain WHY one wouldn't count the CVT as part of your gear reduction? Isn't that the point of a Transmission?

If the cart is struggling to get to speed, won't it slow down effectively reducing it's gear ratio?

YES or NO. Is a 7.5:1 gear ratio sufficient enough to get the cart moving, and possibly pull it's occupants up a hill?