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Default DNF - 2018 - The Hangman

Well, here it is after eight years of sitting in the back of the shed^__^
You do not have the pleasure of seeing the nasty 49-50cc engine that was on it... Maybe the previous owner had a wipe out!?? But, It was missing a few parts and I really didn't want to get to dirty on this one! So, what we have is a frame with some what looks like new tires and a few fenders and tank(cover) the chain guard may not be going back as I am moving the motor and mono shock! It will instead have dual shocks and the motor will be on the swing arm!! I have reconditioned the seat with a very good rub down with murphy's oil soap(use on all inside your car!) And, I think I'm pleased with it! I've given the chrome the once over with the steel wool and a little TSP and water!! Almost like new^__^ I've checked the brakes and they're gone all around and are getting new and new cables for safety! Lot's of mirrors^__^ I'm not vane I thought the euro look really went with my idea... I've got power outlets and tons of lighting with switches galore!
48v to 12v converter will power all my accessory "schtuff". I think I'm going to go Gloss Black And, it's heart beats a 1800watt 48volt 14Ah beast with two sets of gears... Roughly, 30 and 40 MPH.... Sorry, the speedo is 60Mph not 80 my mistake before^__^ As soon as I get my grinder back from my Dad's I'll start to chop off all the old mounts and brackets I don't need everywhere. Then I need to make a few new ones for the shocks and weld them in place. I think I'll make a hard wood platform and "schtuff" for my battery which goes where the old gas bunk went and all my electronics under the tank! I'm waiting on a few more do dads this week and I should have everything I need!?
I Hope everyone really likes what I got even if I don't win^___^
I think we'll all really be winners in the end though^___^
Enjoy! Enjoy! and Thank You All my new Friends! We'll Talk!
Redneckoleptic(RaschTod) out^__~
Live Long and Ride Sweet
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