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Originally Posted by zogthegreat View Post
LOL, yeah I tend to wander a bit. The motor is a 6.5 clone that I got for $10.00, (2 for $20.00 actually).

The engine had only 35 psi, so I really didn't do anything that was unnecessary. I fixed what was truly broken. I know that it's just a cheap small engine, but I learned something rebuilding it that will help me when I want to start doing performance mods.

As for putting things out to pasture, I feel that this is one of the problems with society in general. Nobody wants to fix things anymore, just toss it and go out and buy a new one, when with a little effort, you can have good as new at a lower cost. (Full disclosure - my earliest memories are of being told to put a screwdriver down! I've always had a desire to know how and why something works.).

I understand that anyone can buy something off the shelf. But I would encourage the"average Joe" new to go-karts or mini-bikes to rebuild an engine for themselves. As you said, it's not necessary, but still a good experience to have. Plus, it's a lot of fun!

I ordered most of my parts from China, so my total cost for this is, with the engine, is $28.00, not bad considering that a new Predator is $100 + tax.

Glad to hear you like to fix things rather than throw a derp on it
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