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Originally Posted by zogthegreat View Post
OK, so I finally got my parts in and I went ahead and disassembled the motor and honed the cylinder...

I know that there is a lot of debate over painting these engines...
Which engine is that? This thread is kind of all over the place with different engines.

As long as there's no major damage to the piston, you can re-use it, perhaps with just the next size up rings if they're available. Otherwise you're on the verge of polishing the proverbial turd (it's just a cheap small engine) and wasting good parts on account of mere cosmetic concerns.

I know refurbing this engine or the whole set of them is your project/"baby" and I get that, but for the average Joe just cleaning everything, fixing what is truly broken and reassembling the engine would be more than adequate. After all, they were likely running well before put out to pasture... Something to keep in mind.

I don't know where you're seeing much of any debate over painting engines. Not here I must say. It doesn't even have to be special 'high heat' paint, just lay on some Krylon or Rustoleum.

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