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Test fit. Pretty close considering it wasn't designed for it. I like it, heck of a lot cheaper than buying all those parts. Now I will have front brakes as well and parts are all over ebay and I can ditch that engine for parts for what I have in it.

Basically im making an atv but its like a elevated kart in a way because its rear engine mount. Some of our roads go thru creeks and now I have 30" of engine clearance and thats what im after. That and ample storage for ice cooler, mini generator etc. The frame is light, that front end is pretty light also.

I wont have rear suspension but im gona get a nice tractor bouncy seat. The 212s dont weight anything so not worried about top heavy issues. I will use a jackshaft half way down with the 72tooth sprocket on it.

Also, this is not designed for hill jumping(which my friends dont do) or as a donut machine. Its made for gravel road cruising, water clearance and non-hostile trail riding.
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