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Originally Posted by itsid View Post
depending on the age of the driver, that's not an uncommon picture let's say.

if it's a month or two old: gearing, if it's a year or two: normal

the weights rub agaist that part
that's why this inside needs to be dry lubed in the first place.

Anyways, once the lube is gone it smears (and insufficient maintenance makes this worse)
Fresh out of the box with a bad gear ratio, the lube lasts for maybe minutes not months.. soooo yeah.

The little chinese fellow must have used black/ dark grey dry lube on mine, straight out of the box mine was a very similar color. They could very well have used a graphite based dry lube
Ill go get some dry lube and clean all my black off so i can keep an eye on things better.
Due to not getting instruction or manual with the clones I was wondering what this black stuff was all about. now I now thanks.