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So i went to O'Reillys and two kids at the counter. I just said i dont have a car. I need the race. So they both went into the back for a few minutes and came back out with a race that fit! yay. only $9 each. so i got 2.

So now i need to think about securing the steering bearings in place. i don't want to weld in place because i may need to take apart later.

Thinking i weld 4 nuts in the corner of the inside of the square pipe. and then i can use bolts to hold the race in place. I have a spacer for the inside to keep the bearing separated.

There is also about 1/8" space between race and inside walls of square pipe. so not sure about that space. maybe some rubber to keep vibration down? like a rubber gasket or something. ill see what i can find.

This outside square pipe will be welded to the frame of the kart.
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